Finding Things to Do in Coventry

When someone mentions Coventry, the first thing that comes to mind is either a stereotypical rural English town populated with large, chain-smoking men who wear round spectacles and discuss obscure subjects while drinking brandy; or a cosmopolitan London suburb where one can hardly hear a person speak. In fact, many people do not even realize that there is more to Coventry than a mere five miles of suburban streets! The town actually has a major contribution to UK tourism, second only to London. A visit to Coventry will leave the visitor with fond memories of the rich heritage and thriving arts scene that makes the town what it is today.

To send somebody to Coventry is a quintessentially English act. In other words, to send somebody to Coventry is to purposely not talk to them, avoid them, and act as though they no longer even exist. Victims are treated almost as though they’re invisible and therefore inaudible. In a society where communication is so instantaneous, the trauma inflicted on a person during a trip to a foreign city can easily be forgotten by the recipient of the injury. This is why some locals have taken to ice skating in order to “get back” at those who have mistreated them.

Even though it is impossible to deny the existence of social hierarchy in the United Kingdom, people living in Coventry swear that this town is the most progressive one in the country. This is probably due to its close proximity to the capital. Although it is true that commuting times take about an hour in the morning, the people of Coventry benefit from a well-developed public transportation system that serves the entire city. During the evening, the town’s West End becomes a vibrant nightspot. Hence, the nightlife in the city is considered to be a major attraction for visitors. The West End is one of the few places in the world where the experience of live theater is not compromised by noise restrictions.

Because of the excellent school and college facilities available in Coventry, many students opt to study there. There are many universities in the area including the University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford. Both of these institutions attract thousands of students each year.

There is also the opportunity for students to get 

involved in the local community. One can become an active member of the Church of England or the Royal Society of Arts. However, the more adventurous students may find themselves wanting to try their hands at something more exciting like rock climbing or sky diving. The options in this regard are limitless.

For young people, living in Coventry can prove to be an extremely exciting experience. Its cosmopolitan culture makes it a haven for writers, artists, and other forms of artists. It also provides a safe harbor for anyone wishing to pursue a degree of higher education. Indeed, many graduates of top UK universities have been trained and placed in leading British companies right here in Coventry.

Even though the population is small compared to many major towns in England, the availability of jobs and the low cost of living make living in Coventry an excellent option. As a result, the city’s property prices are considerably less than most. This is another advantage that helps to contribute to the low crime rate; in fact, in the last decade there has never been a higher crime rate in the entire United Kingdom.

The next time you are in the city, don’t forget to check out the fantastic shopping experiences that the Coventry Retail Park has to offer. On a weekend in June, one of the largest car and bike markets takes place. On a weekday in May, there is also a fantastic farmers’ market.

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