You didn’t know Coventry from this side

Old English Architecture street in Coventry, destroyed Cathedral from Second World War

Coventry has been a center of the automotive industry since the 20th century. Companies such as Rolls Royce and Peugeot produced their first cars here. Hence, the most characteristic place is the Coventry Transport Museum. In the museum itself, in addition to cars, you can admire about 400 bicycles and trucks and motorcycles. Each exhibition is additionally enriched with things coming from the presented period, e.g. women’s clothes. Thus, the place reflects the history not only of transportation in the city, but also the daily life of the former inhabitants. Other museums worth visiting in Coventry include the Toy Museum, which has exhibits dating back as far as two centuries.

Coventry – city attractions

No one will be bored in Coventry, the city has a lot to offer to its visitors. A famous landmark is St. Michael’s Cathedral, a ruin that before the war was one of the most beautiful English buildings.
At the very center is a statue of the most famous person associated with the city. Legend has it that Lady Godiva, wanting to reduce the taxes of the city residents, agreed to agree to her husband’s condition. The woman had to ride through the city on horseback, without any clothes. The count eased his financial obligations and Lady Godiva became an icon in the fight for social justice. In honor of her savior, every year the Carnival of Godiva is organized, which draws residents into a vortex of fun full of music and colorful lights.

Walking through the streets you will find plenty of restaurants with cuisine from every side of the world. Starting from traditional Malaysian, Arabic, Lebanese and ending with standard Mediterranean dishes. An amazing place is Turmeric Gold, where Indian and Thai dishes are served in beautiful Maharaja tents.
The city despite its many buildings has some really nice parks including: Coombe Country Park, Garden of International Friendship, Greyfriars Green Peace Garden.

Of course, Coventry is not only the place for students, who spend a lot of time at The Hub, but also for nightlife. Students enjoy a wide range of bars and pubs. The city also has many trendy music clubs and casinos. The cobbled streets are also lined with pubs in a typical medieval atmosphere.

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